Hundreds of Thousands Car in the U.S. and China withdrawn BMW

Luxury car manufacturer BMW will pull back (recall ) as many as 156,000 vehicles in the U.S. . This was done because of the problems in the bolt which can cause engine damage .

BMW said it will examine whether the bolts on vehicles with six-cylinder engine sanbat vulnerable to looseness or not . Model cars are affected recall 5 Series and Z4 sports car , production in 2010-2012 .

Previously , BMW also conduct a recall of 232,000 cars in China earlier this month for the same reason . The company also said it would recall around the world to examine this issue .

In addition to BMW , the Japanese car manufacturer , Toyota said it would recall more than six million vehicles in the U.S. , including 35,124 in the UK . This is due to the presence of more than five issues that matter owned their cars .

Noted , 3.5 million vehicle recall that experience must replace the spiral cable is then attached to the wheel on the side airbags .

Not only Toyota and BMW , the U.S. government recently has imposed financial penalties for domestic automakers , General Motors for failing to respond to requests for information about the ignition switch problem that caused 13 deaths .

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